Fir Street in 1890

Transfer Telluride is located on one of the most historically significant parcels of land in Telluride.

Historic photo of the Transfer Warehouse

Early 1900's

In the early 1900's, during the height of the mining boom, the only way in and out of town was by narrow-gauge railroad. The tracks ran alongside this very same corridor known then as the Warehouse District: a bustling hub of people and goods flowing in and out of the city. When the boom ended, Telluride became all but a ghost town, and many of the structures were left for ruin. However two of the buildings located on property, the Stronghouse and in particular the Transfer Warehouse still stand today as historic landmarks and reminders of their time.

Photo of ribbon cutting for Telluride ski area


In 1968, Telluride Transfer Company owner "Bucky" Schuler was approached by Joe Zoline, the visionary founder of the Telluride Ski Area, about acquiring the company, the land and its iconic Transfer Warehouse for the rights to facilitate transportation to the newly planned resort. Having faith in what the ski area could mean for the future of the city, Bucky agreed to the sale. Mr. Zoline continued the use of the property and warehouse as a gas station and storage facility until the spring of 1979, when the roof collapsed from a heavy snow load. Since that time Joe's daughter and son-in-law, Pamela and John Lifton-Zoline, have been thoughtful stewards of the land, protecting its legacy for over 34 years.

Photo of Transfer Warehouse

Picture by Aurelie Slegers, property of Telluride Arts


More recently, the Zoline family had embarked on a mission to preserve the Transfer Warehouse as a community arts and cultural center. Today, in partnership with Telluride Arts, the proposed redevelopment of the 'Four Corners' corridor includes the restoration and conservation of the warehouse for public benefit. Transfer Telluride is poised to reinvigorate the historical district upon whose shoulders the Town was established, while advancing the cultural identity that will define its future protecting its legacy for over 34 years.

Transfer Telluride

Transfer Telluride is the perfect representation of the true spirit of Telluride - the union between history and modernity.

Picture by Aurelie Slegers, property of Telluride Arts

Upon completion, Transfer Telluride will expand upon the Telluride Cultural Master Plan's priority to secure improved spaces for the arts, while activating Fir Street as a vibrant community corridor from the gondola to Colorado Ave.

Participation in Transfer Telluride and engagement with its ongoing growth not only offers you and your family a thoughtfully designed residence in the heart of Town, it also supports the continuation of the arts and the preservation of Telluride's history.


201 S FIR, TELLURIDE, CO 81435

If you are interested in learning more about Transfer Telluride's residences, please contact your local broker or Brian O'Neill with Telluride Properties.